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Venetian blind cord

A brake, or cord lock mechanism, hidden in the top casing, allows you to pull the blinds up or let them down part of the way or to keep them held in a stack at the top of the blind frame. The lower edge of the blind acts as the weight and is attached to the whole unit by two pulling cords. Slat Tilt Mechanism.

Wooden blinds have tilt 'cords' for rotating the slats, since the weight of the blind is much heavier and needs a more substantial mechanism to move them. ... Aluminium venetian blinds CD Blinds offer a great venetian blind product that is sleek and always fashionable. Venetian blinds offers excellent light control and privacy with a.

Steel Grey Faux Wood Venetian Blinds With Cords. Our stunning collection of Faux Wood Venetian blinds offered in a range of stylish classic colours. Our faux wooden Venetian blinds come with either 35mm or 50mm slats at no extra cost and are available with cords or colour co-ordinated tapes. Cheapest Blinds UK offer a complete made to measure.

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OFFICE Buyer's Gallery Blinds Corp. Phone : (905) 851 5599 Email : [email protected]

High Profile headrail swivel cord lock with metal roller. Item Name: Item Price: $11.50. Item SKU: 2" VBCRDLCK/02. This cord lock is used on two-inch type blinds. Product Description..

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